Hand Made in Dominican Republic


We are extremely proud to present the new De León Divino Blend! The Divino blend represents the culmination of 20 years spent exploring and sampling the world's of finest tobaccos.

The result is a wonderfully smooth, mild yet very tasty and complex smoke. The wrapper is made from select batches of finest Habano leaves from the Dominican Republic, with a Dominican grown Cuban seed binder and filler from the most exquisite blend of mild Dominican grown Cuban seed tobaccos.

The resulting smoke begins with a sweet, smooth, nutty flavors, with a hint of almonds and marzipan all of which tantalize the palate with a delicate, creamy texture. These flavors and aromas stay consistent throughout with a gradual progression towards spicier, earthier flavors. The Divino is gentle enough for lovers of mild blends but complex and flavorful enough to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur.


The Criollo blend is comprised of Cuban seed Dominican Ligero and Cuban seed Dominican Viso tobaccos. We sample, inspect and select the best bales of these exclusive, high quality Dominican tobaccos from one of the oldest veteran growers in the Dominican Republic.


The delicious Criollo cigar presents itself with a wonderfully rich tobacco flavor. It continues with soft, subtle creamy notes and finishes with a wonderfully full bodied taste  which remains gentle but at the same time provides a unique combination of intense roast notes combined with hazelnut, chili and an ever so delicate pronounced sweetness. The Criollo is a truly sophisticated and full-bodied smoke.


The Clásico blend is created from expertly selected Dominican Cuban seed Seco and Cuban seed Ligero tobaccos. The tobacco is harvested from one of the oldest and most prolific growers in the Dominican Republic - fifth generation growers to be exact.

The Clásico blend makes our mildest cigars and as such is ideal for beginners or veteran lovers of mild yet sophisticated cigars. The Clásico starts out with mellow, light tones and develops into a smooth yet spicy array of nutty flavors with distinct hints of almonds, along with subtle roasted coffee flavors. This a relaxing cigar that is easy to smoke and easy to appreciate.

Etiqueta Negra

The Etiqueta Negra blend is created with Cuban seed Dominican Ligero, Dominican seed Ligero and Dominican Viso tobaccos.

Once lit the Etiqueta Negra is, true to it's name - a black label fireworks show of flavors. From the outset, this medium-strong cigar immediately flourishes with layers of flavors and a symphony of notes ranging from woodsy earth tones, to a bouquet of chocolate and roasted coffee tones. There is also the distinct yet subtle hint of fruity notes paired with fine, silky smooth caramel flavors. The Etiqueta Negra is a bold, complex and deliciously satisfying smoke.


The Robusto Maduro is extraordinarily chocolaty. It started with slight roasted note with hints of coffee beans. A thick smile comes along with creamy, milky chocolate.

When eventually some nuts settled on the palate, this cigar could very well carry a Nutella sticker on it. If you love chocolate bars and like Nutella by the spoon, this smoke might entertain your Fancy!


The Nativo blend is made with the finest Cuban seed tobaccos from The Dominican Republic. This is a beautifully constructed medium/medium-strong cigar. Upon inhale you will immediately sense a tangy, spicy blend with woody tones mixed with hints of coriander seed, pepper and chilli.

However it is smooth, mellow and creamy on the palate, like a fine cognac, leaving a delightfully rich tobacco flavor upon exhale. The Nativo is an incredibly satisfying, complex, well balanced and sophisticated blend, resulting in an exquisite smoke that awakens your taste buds and keeps them stimulated from beginning to end.

Robusto Selection

Enjoy a taste of all six of our exquisite signature blends. Individually wrapped and beautifully presented in our elegant six stix box-this is the perfect opportunity to let your tastebuds explore!

Each box contains one perfectly rolled robusto cigar from our Clasico, Divino, Maduro and Etiqueta Negra blends and equally perfect robusto Gordo from our Criollo and Nativo blends.

Short Filler

For the De Leon Short Filler we use just tobacco left overs from our Premium Production. The Binder, a Premium Cuban seed leaf and for the Wrapper a Premium Cuban seed Habano Wrapper from the Dominican Republic. The result is a creamy and mellow smoke at a very affordable price.