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Atelier Tour/Visit

Step into an immersive journey through the De León Cigars Atelier, a pivotal experience awaiting enthusiasts in the Dominican Republic.

Embark on a meticulously curated tour lasting an hour and fifteen minutes, a profound exploration unveiling every facet of our esteemed Atelier. Witness the artistry of cigar making firsthand, from the intricate hand-rolling process to the mesmerizing workings of our antique cigar machines. Beyond craftsmanship, delve into the illustrious De León family legacy, uncover the enthralling history of our Cigar Factory, and explore the fusion of manufacturing and technology that has defined our heritage.

Designed to enthrall a diverse audience, our tour appeals to aficionados of cigars, history buffs, and those fascinated by the art of manufacturing and technology.

Our Factory Tour awaits you from Monday to Saturday, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., conducted in small, intimate groups. Please note that these carefully selected time slots are integral, given the intricate nature of cigar production.

We eagerly look forward to hosting you at our De León Cigar Manufactory, where tradition harmonizes with innovation, breathing life into the captivating history of cigars.

Overtime Tours

Periodically, we run production overtime to catch up on cigar orders for our customers. On these days, it affords us the rare opportunity to offer factory tours on a Sunday! While our tour still includes a stop on the Handrolling Floor with a detailed description of the processes taking place there, please note, no hand rollers will be present for this tour.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Overtime tours follow the same path as our standard weekday tours but only some production areas will be staffed, depending on our current needs. The rollers operating our antique, hand-operated machines will be working but no handrollers will be present on the cigar floor. Additionally, the Factory Store will only be open for tour guests.