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In 1998, the tale unfolds in El Cortecito, a quaint fishing village nestled on the Eastern shores of the Dominican Republic. Within this hamlet resided a modest cigar store where one could savor a cigar while witnessing the intricate art of cigar crafting, observing the careful assembly of leaves.

Fast forward to 2001 when the Manufactory came to life, birthed by Ruth De Leon Sosa and her husband, Sylvio Buchschatz, hailing from Germany. Their vision? To craft cigars of unparalleled quality, catering exclusively to a discerning clientele. With a deliberately limited yearly output, De Leon stands as the epitome of exquisite Boutique Cigars.

Partnering exclusively with the finest handpicked tobaccos sourced from the plantations of my dear friend Leo, a pioneering figure in Dominican Republic's tobacco cultivation, we've meticulously honed our craft. Every cigar is masterfully blended by Mr. Buchschatz and expertly rolled by seasoned artisans, resulting in some of the most refined cigars to grace Dominican soil.

Today, De Leon Cigars grace the shelves of various countries, adorning many distinct cigar stores, luxurious hotels, sophisticated smoking lounges, renowned restaurants, and duty-free havens.

Our acute attention to construction and the harmonious blends renders each cigar a veritable masterpiece.

Indulge and savor the experience!


Sylvio Buchschatz

Our founder and president meticulously handpick every tobacco bale and oversee the crafting of each blend. Alongside co-founder Ruth De Leon, they personally inspect every single cigar. We prioritize quality over quantity, adhering to the guiding principle of crafting unparalleled blends. This dedication culminates in artisanal cigars that we take great pleasure in smoking, and we hope you find the same joy in them too!

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